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Core i7-8720HQ CPU Specs Sort of Leaked

It has not been officially released yet, but already specs of the Core i7-8720HQ are coming out, and they look promising.

It shows much promise as the CPU can be used both on mobile laptops or tiny desktops.

CPU Cores Base Freq. Boost Freq. TDP Graphics
i7-8720HQ 6C/12T 2.4 GHz 3.6 GHz 45W ??
i7-7700HQ 4C/8T 2.8 GHz 3.8 GHz 45W HD Graphics 630

The information is gleaned form a few websites [among which are: Here, Here] which claim to have seen leaked specs.

Someone, on another site, noted that it might be called Core i7-8720HH, since the Q stands for quad, and this would be a hexa-core.

There are complaints that it has a lower single core speed than a i7-7700HQ, and so this is not that much of an upgrade. Another disappointment is that all six cores will drop to 2.9GHz if all of them are turbo-boosting.

TechPowerUp comments

2,9ghz turbo across all cores. Defo a downgrade on most applications. Not excited about this. Time to get a 7700hq laptop on sale right now before christmas 🙂

These CPUs will not be officially released until early 2018. We can hardly wait.