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Great 8th Gen Stats

Mobile Tech Review provides some interesting statistics on 8th generation CPUs.

Even when TDP (thermal/power) constraints are taken into account, 8th generation CPUs are a massive improvement.

Yes, the 8th generation Chips will throttle (slow down) to draw less power, and stay cool, but happily, the throttling is much less that expected.  On short bursts, these mobile chips can equal desktop powerhouse specifications.

These results will also apply to NUCs [Next Unit of Computing – small barebones computing units] and to SFFs [small form factor computers], many of which also will use lower power chips. Some of these SFFs may end up using HQ or T class chips, which draw more power than a mobile chip, but still less power than a standard desktop chip. However, we cannot be sure until Intel releases the full line of 8th generation CPUs.

Lisa Gade (6:37) seems to think this is the right time to buy a new laptop, which means it will be the right time to buy a tiny desktop when they come out equipped with an 8th generation chip.