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Intel Launches 8th Generation Chips

Thanks to the recent release of AMD’s Ryzen 7 Chips, with their multi-core architechture, Intel was force to reply with some amazing chips of their own.


These new 8th generation Intel chips offer amazing performance increases; and they will soon be showing up in laptops. So if you are planning to buy a laptop, then wait. What is clear that these new chips – whether low power or desktop grade – will be such a massive improvement that the industry will be rocked by the changes.

What is also clear is that these new chips will make small form factor computers and NUCs (Next Unit of Computing) so powerful as to redefine the meaning of a desktop. Unless, one is into high-end gaming or 8K video editing, the need for a big lunky tower desktop is ending.

HP, Intel, and Dell all offer a good selection of reasonable small factor computers or NUCs. However, as good as they are, the 8th generation CPUs may blow earlier computers out of the water.