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Open Letter To Intel

There are thousands – possibly tens of thousands – of people out there who have been waiting since forever for Apple to release a new Mac Mini.

Apple has already insulted these people in 2014 by downgrading the Mac Mini for a quad-core option to a dual-core option. Then Apple has compounded the insult by refusing to release a new Mac Mini for three years.

Intel, can you step into the void?!

Intel has experience with NUCs. More importantly, Intel has experience with high-end NUCs, such as the Skull Canyon.

Everyone was disappointed when Intel allowed the Skull Canyon to stagnate at the 6th generation Skylake level. And yes, there were some technical bugs – as is evinced on your Communities Forum – where a few issues with the Skull Canyon have emerged.

But, you have had time to work those issues out, Intel; and besides, the Skull Canyon was a powerhouse and nothing at all like the anemic Mac Mini.

Intel, you have had two years to refine and perfect the product.

Will you now rise to the occasion and release a decent quad-core NUC using 8th Generation technology. Whether it is a Kaby Lake R (Refresh) or a genuine Coffee Lake, we do not care?

Apple seems content to sit on it laurels concerning the Mac Mini, and you could take over the market with a truly competitive quad-core option.

This is especially true if you have a Coffee Lake low power option out there, like a T or HQ series, somewhat lower in wattage than a regular desktop CPU, but still above a mobile chip. Let’s say (I am assuming) an i7-8770HQ.

If it offered a 6 Core – 12 Thread option, that would be best of all; but we would settle for a decent quad-core option.

Please release it before Christmas.


The Tiny Desktop