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The Spectre 13 Competes Against Apple

Apple, which sells itself as the finest make of computers, has a real problem with it comes to the new 8th generation laptops.

One only has to take a look at these comparative specs to see the diffences.

NOTE: We max’d out some of the HP options and still came in cheaper than the Apple MacBook Pro.

Laptop CPU Cores RAM Freq. Stg. Resol. Cam Cost
HP Spectre-13t i7-8550u 4C/8T 16GB 2133MHz 1.8 – 4.0GHz 256GB NVMe 3840×2160 720p $1,740
13″ MacBook Pro i5-7267U 2C/4T 8GB 2133MHz 3.1 – 3.5GHz 256GB NVMe 2560×1600 720p $1,799

The HP has the Apple outclassed in so many ways.

More cores.
Faster turbo speeds.
Better Resolution
More RAM
Touchscreen vs Touchbar

The Apple MacBook Pro does have better Iris Pro graphics, as well as a faster base frequency, which is a big advantage in the MacBook Pro’s favor, but it is not clear if that can overcome the MacBook Pro’s fewer cores – cores that have a lower turbo frequency.

Overall, the Spectre wins.

Apple let the ball drop. The 8th generation CPUs are such a major improvement that Apple’s line is seriously lacking.

What will Apple do when the Ryzen APU chips are released with incredibly faster graphics? Laptops with the new Ryzen APUs are expected to be out by November. Again, Ryzen chips will be game-changers for both Apple and PC laptops.

Of course, Apple could update their lines, but given the lackadaisical pace with which Apple goes about updating, the interim period will be interesting.

What is an APU?!

A CPU is a Computer/Central Processing Unit. The Core chip.
A GPU is a Graphics Processing Unit
An APU is an All-in-One Processing Unit – This is what AMD calls its chips with both CPU and their powerful integrated GPUs on one chip.