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The Supply of Coffee Lake is Surging

Intel is making strides to boost production of the much-in-demand Coffee Lake CPUs. Unfortunately, these are chiefly Desktop CPU’s.

Source: AnandTech

In a mildly interesting bit of news for a Friday, Intel has notified its customers that it will use an additional assembly and test facility in a bid to improve supply of its latest desktop Coffee Lake processors. The new site has been certified equivalent for the said CPUs, so the finished products will be identical to those that are available today.

However, we would like to see what Intel will release in the terms of mid-power -T series and -HQ (example: the i7-7700HQ) series chips for small next unit of computing (NUC) PCs. These are the kinds of chips which are not as low-powered as mobile CPUs, but not as high-power as CPUs found in standard desktop PCs.

For those who want hard facts, here are the specs for the present i7-7700T vs the i7-7700HQ:

Source: Intel Ark Specs, screenshot
The source: Intel Ark Specs, has even more info, such as graphics, RAM, etc.

When 8th generation versions of these CPU’s come on board, we hope to see some major powerhouse NUC‘s.

Such mid-power chips would magnificent for NUC‘s and we want to see when Intel will introduce the quad-core 8th generation NUC‘s into their present range of dual-core NUCs.

I suppose we will have to wait longer.