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Zotac MI640 vs. MI660

Zotac will soon be offering two Zbox nano NUC’s (Next Unit of Computing) with some 8th Generation Kaby Lake-R CPU’s.

THE MI640 and MI660 Zbox nanos, NUC;s. You will have to supply your own RAM, Storage, and OS.

The difference is in their CPU’s which we will compare below.

MODEL CPU Cores Base Freq. Boost Freq. TDP Graphics
MI640 i5-8250U 4C/8T 1.6 GHz 3.4 GHz 15W UHD Graphics 620
MI660 i5-8550U 4C/8T 1.8 GHz 4.0 GHz 15W UHD Graphics 620

Either model can take: 2x DDR4-2400/2133 SODIMM Slot @ up to 32GB total

Both come with:

– DP (4096×2160 @ 60Hz)
– HDMI 2.0 (3840×2160 @ 60Hz)o
– 3-in-1 card reader (SD/SDHC/SDXC)
– Stereo output , Microphone
– 2 x USB 3.1 type-C
– 5 x USB 3.0 type-A
– 2 x Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps
– Antenna Yes
– Wifi 802.11ac
– Bluetooth 4.2
– 1 x 2.5″ SATA HDD/SSD @ 6Gbps

Dimensions: 5.03″ x 4.98″ x 2″ (13 cm x 13 cm x 5.1 cm)
Both models are fan-cooled.

Both models comes with a VESA Mount, 65 Watt AC Adapter and power cable.

Note: This sounds fantastic, but why no NVMe option?

This sounds like a spectacular computer. Almost perfect. The 2.5″ drive allows one options not found on a laptop. Though puzzlingly there is no NVMe option. However, for many people, this will not be a problem. SATA SSD will be more than sufficient.

Prices are not out, yet; but this is what we should expect soon. A Mac Mini or Skull Canyon killer. We will have to wait to see what Apple or Intel will do next. I suspect Intel will come out with a competing product soon, but who knows about Apple. The Mac Mini has not been updated in over three (3) years, now.

The graphics are iGPU (integrated Graphics Processing Units), but should be sufficient for most tasks up to moderate gaming, and some photo- and video-editing.

This is a real prize. An NVMe option and a thunderbolt option would make this perfect.


THE UHD 620 Graphics is a minor improvement over the HD 630 Graphics on the 7th generation CPU’s. But to get a sense of what UHD 630 can really do, look at this informational video from Official TV.

THE UHD 620 Graphics paired with the i7-8550U CPU.


UHD Graphics 620 vs GeForce 940MX.

The stats are impressive. Yes, iGPU’s still have a way to go, but they are getting much better.